Vaplo is a manufacturer of flavored liquids for electronic cigarettes. Long-established market experts, in 2018 we decided to take on a big challenge: to renew the sector, condensing our creativity and our spirit of initiative in a project that went beyond the basic production of E-Liquids.


The Vaping Factory, a source of ideas in which we work, sees the evolution of a process of design studies take place, of combining flavors based on what we would like to go to recreate and transmit, without ever neglecting a rigorous control of the quality and a meticulous analysis of the ingredients and aromas we use to make our products. The outcome is a complete product, tasty and at the same time ingenious, able to return even original ideas.


Each of our ranges, in fact, bases and builds its flavors and inspirations on imaginary and precise concepts, which aim to reconstruct touching scenarios, involving the individual at 360%. Our goal is to shape our ideas into unique liquids and unparalleled quality, which want to drag you a little into the seventeenth century Caribbean, a bit into the sci-fi fantasy of a 19th century Victorian London.


Before being producers, we are first and foremost consumers, which is why we use top-quality Swiss raw materials, with absolute purity and with high pharmaceutical grade for our production. Furthermore, all our procedures strictly comply with the European protocols and standards for implementation and delivery. Finally, before being placed on the market, each of our products is subjected to strict quality control according to specific regulatory criteria.


Aware of the fact that the categories of the sector were already saturated in themselves, our proposal is to differentiate ourselves from the already known, proposing something new, but at the same time of valuable quality. Within our Vaping Factory, we don't just want to make products, but stories to tell.


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